About e-Learning

About ARCA e-Learning.

e-Learning courses are designed for experienced workers with minimal training needs, aiming to refresh their understanding of core principles and expectations. They consist of modules that, when completed, constitute comprehensive asbestos refresher courses.

The courses align with Regulation 10, Information, Instruction, and Training, of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. They follow the core practical competencies outlined in the Asbestos Management Institute’s ‘Competency within the Asbestos Removal Industry’ guidance document. Which has been endorsed by the HSE as a sensible and appropriate approach to training and competency management.

Online eLearning Asbestos Removal Training Courses

Frequency of Refresher Training for Licensable Asbestos Work.

Refresher training for licensable asbestos work should be conducted annually, as a minimum.

Additionally, refresher training for licensable asbestos work should be provided more frequently when:

  • – Changes occur in work methods.
  • – Different equipment is introduced to control exposure.
  • – Significant changes are made to the type of work performed.
  • – Identified gaps in competency exist.

If more frequent refresher training is required, due to any of the reasons above, then the appropriate training should be arranged to meet training needs.

How does it work?

1. Ensure you have access on a compatible device.
    a. Use a PC, Mac, or tablet to access the e-Learning platform.
    b. Avoid smartphones as they may not properly display course content.
    c. It is recommended that the latest version of Chrome Browser is used to complete the e-Learning.
2. Create your learner account.
    a. Use your email address and a password to set up your unique learner account.
    b. The password should be at least twelve characters long. Include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ).
    c. Activate your account through the email link before first login.
3. Purchase access to the e-Learning package.
    a. Go to the ‘Shop’ tab and purchase the course you wish to take.
    b. ARCA Members: Enter your details onto the form and apply your valid ARCA Membership Discount code BEFORE into the coupon field to
        receive the discounted price.
        Non-Members: Enter your details onto the form to pay the full price. Non-members will not have an ARCA Membership Discount code.
        Payment Options: PayPal, credit card, or debit card.
    c. Make a separate booking for each learner as this will ensure the certificate issued to the learner contains the details provided for the booking.
        Entering separate bookings per learner also ensures accurate records appear in their individual account.
    d. Order received and confirmation will be sent to your email and trigger the modules to be loaded to your account.
    e. Allow up to 60 seconds for course to fully load to your “My Courses” tab, refresh your browser as required.
    f. The modules are available for 6-months regardless of the number that have been completed or not.
4. Access and work through the seven modules.
    a. Move through each module in order as they build on each other, although you can do them in any order.
    b. Take your time to understand concepts before advancing.
    c. Take advantage of any additional materials, videos, etc in the learning.
    d. Identify areas you are struggling with by referring to the learning module.
    e. Return to in-progress modules anytime in the 6-month access period.
5. Pass each end-test.
    a. Score 80% or higher to pass and earn a certificate for that module. These are emailed to you as a PDF file.
    b. When taking the end-test, it’s important to take your time and not rush.
    c. Read questions carefully and ensure that you have selected an answer. Not providing an answer will score 0 marks.
    d. If you do fail, refer back to the learning before attempting to retake the end-test again.
    e. You have a total of three attempts on the end-test. After three attempts, you cannot make any further attempts.
    f. You can take the learning for each module within the 6-month access period even when you have completed the end-test.
6. Complete all modules within 6-months.
    a. Work through all modules before 6-month access expiration.
    b. You can always log into your Account, but you will be unenrolled, and modules will no longer be visible unless repurchased.
7. Qualify for a full certificate.
    a. Once you have successfully completed all seven modules a full certificate will be issued on the next working day by ARCA.
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